Online Exhibition

Taking Interest:
Summer in the City

June – September 2021

Contemporary Art Matters is pleased to present Taking Interest: Summer in the City, an online group exhibition featuring new works by Erika Hess, Daina Higgins, Heather Jones, Dion Johnson, Lisa McLymont, Amy Sacksteder, Laura Sanders, Jared Thorne, and Almond Zigmund. For more information on the exhibition, related events please contact us at [email protected].

Taking Interest: Summer in the City is an online exhibition of Contemporary Art Matters artists who are in residence in NYC this summer making connections, promoting their art and taking inspiration from city.

Heather Jones, Come Back and Bring Me with You, 2020, Sewn Cotton, 36×36 in.

Heather Jones is an artist whose work questions and pushes traditional conceptions of both quilt making and painting by exploring the formal possibilities of color and design. She addresses the historical and socio-political relationship between women and textiles, and explores the relationship between gender, place, time, and culture in her work.

A native Cincinnatian, Jones studied art history at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning, earning both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts (ABT). She currently lives outside of the city on a small farm with her husband and two children.

Dion Johnson, Mystery, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 32×36 in.

Dion Johnson is a Los Angeles based artist. His paintings combine and explore dynamic opposites: expansiveness and compression, surface and depth, and darkness and light. Gradient color fields are juxtaposed to and interwoven with planes of precise hardedge abstraction. These color fades are both intimate and vast – they may reflect internal moods with wandering thoughts and insightful realizations, or they may suggest vivid sunsets on Mercury or Mars with chemical skies and radiant perspectives. The hardedge shapes seem to reach up and stretch down; their elongated curves, interlocking contours, and bold colors allude to kinetic sensations and evolving environments.

Amy Sacksteder, Where To Go, 2019, Cut and Collaged Inkjet Prints and Gouache on Paper

Amy Sacksteder is an artist and curator whose work explores personal and collective relationships to landscape and artifact. She works across media, most commonly in painting, collage, drawing, cut paper, and installation. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Recent solo and three person exhibitions include Divisible Projects (Dayton, OH), University of South Carolina Upstate (Spartanburg, SC), Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL).