Laura Sanders

Shifting Baselines

Opening Thursday November 5, 5-8 pm

Exhibition on view through December 18th, 2020

Covid-19 Safety Measures
If you are unwell, or are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19, please refrain from visiting the Gallery. Visitors are required to wear face masks while in the Gallery. A maximum of 8 visitors are allowed in the Gallery at any time. Please respect social distancing. Hand sanitizers are located throughout the Gallery. Touchable surfaces are regularly disinfected.

This is the last week to enjoy End of Summer. 

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 Erika b Hess, Daina Higgins, Dion Johnson, Jignesh Panchal and Nikos Rutkowski

“I make oil paintings that deal with basic human narratives, such as birth and death, through a female identified lens. I’m really interested in color, mostly color that comes out of a consumer culture, so juicy colors that attract the eye.”

-Erika Hess

“Visually I fall in love like a thousand times a day. The real world has everything for me, I don’t even need to make anything up. Abstract artists have these feelings too, they just express it differently.”

-Daina Higgins

“It’s something like shifting gears in a high-performance automobile, only smoother and swifter and, when you stand back and take in the complex rhythms that Johnson has orchestrated, defined by a kind of simultaneity that is not possible in race cars, whose engines have gears that must be moved through sequentially.”

– David Pagel “Abstract Painting in Los Angeles” Gallery Magazine

“My work is a kaleidoscope of reality and fiction, history and present with various materials used in it and different approaches towards my ideas of culture.”

-Jignesh Panchal

“The playfulness in this series of works creates an interesting dialogue between the other works in the show revolving around thoughts and experiences of Covid-19 and our current social climate.”

-Nikos Rutkowski