Drawings and Paintings

Lynton Wells

January 7th – February 11th, 2021

lynton Wells Study 2015 Graphite and colored pencil on paper, framed

Wells’ interest in environmentalism is captured in these studies through the delicate and finely detailed imagery of fish. The fish are isolated on the surface of the canvas with sharp text and cold metal-like matter situated below. The combination of raw pigment, drawing, writing and scoring creates a style of painting unique to Wells. The coils of the fishing line juxtaposed with the metallic- like background is intense and reads heavy, but the lightness quickly comes back through the unique technique of pencil shading in each drawing.

In each of these works Wells etches in the word ‘Paradise’. Paradise is strategically placed below the fish near the fishing line, adding significance to the placement. To many, paradise is a place of contentment, a land of luxury and fulfillment. Paradise is often described as a “higher place”, the holiest place, in contrast to this world. Though in this context the word paradise is used much more mysteriously and is seemingly contradicting its placement.

lynton Wells Study 2015 Graphite and colored pencil on paper, framed

In Lynton Wells’ fish drawings humor and imagination are found through the imagery of fish fishing for fish. This unusual take on how fish are typically perceived leaves the viewer wondering if paradise is found underneath it all. Wells’ work entices the viewer with much more than meets the eye.

lynton Wells Study 2015 Graphite and colored pencil on paper, framed



We congratulate our very own artist Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski on his awarded grant from the Ohio Art Council.
Members of the Ohio Arts Council (OAC) board have approved $300,000 in grant funding to be awarded to 75 Ohio artists through the OAC’s Individual Excellence Awards program for state fiscal year 2021.

“Individual Excellence Awards are peer recognition of a creative artist’s body of work that exemplifies their specific discipline and advances the larger artistic community. These awards support artists’ growth and development and recognize their work in Ohio and beyond.” -Ohio Arts Council