Drawings and Paintings

Lynton Wells

January 15 2120 creates a majestic space in which the blooms of the flowers and of the tree come alive. It looks as though one is staring at a celestial process manifesting in an alternate reality. You can feel the energy pulsating throughout the canvas. Although trees and landscapes are familiar images, Wells transforms our understanding of the mundane into something galactic and new. This new vision of a tree in bloom reconstructs our understanding of the ordinary and allows us to see environmental processes with fresh eyes and perhaps some imagination. The soft strips of color throughout the sky mirror the northern lights or possibly a more enlightened sunset. Light is truly the focal point throughout the painting and it is the light in the image that draws our eyes around the landscape and eventually pulls us towards the electrical outlet in the corner of the work. This interesting imagery all of a sudden questions the reality of what one is seeing. It reconfigures the mind of the viewer to ask and reflect on deeper realities of life.

Contemporary Art Matters: Heather Jones at the Weston Art Gallery

Heather Jones | A Sense of Place

Click the video link to watch Heather Jones and Dennis Harrington discuss the new exhibition Sense of Place at the Weston Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio.