September 3rd – October 30th 2020

End of Summer

Erika Hess, Jignesh Panchal, Dion Johnson, Nikos Rutkowski, Daina Higgins

September 3rd- October 30th

End of Summer

Erika Hess, Jignesh Panchal, Dion Johnson, Nikos Rutkowski, Daina Higgins

Contemporary Art Matters is pleased to present End of Summer, an exhibition of works by Laura Sanders.

In the exhibition

Installation views

Contemporary Art Matters.

Press Release

End of Summer

September 3, 2020 – October 20, 2020

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, September 3, 6-8pm

243 N. Fifth Street Suite 110 Columbus, Ohio 43215

Contemporary Art Matters is pleased to present End of Summer, an exhibition featuring a group of five artists: Erika b Hess, Daina Higgins, Dion Johnson, Jignesh Panchal and Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski. There will be an opening reception* Thursday, September 3, from 5-8pm. (*Masks and social distancing required, with limited numbers of people in the gallery at one time. Our outdoor patio is open and offers extra room.)

Following the spirit of a summer group show, we are introducing new faces and voices to the gallery, alongside some of our favorite artists. End of Summer debuts the bold paintings of Erika Hess, layered collages of Indian artist Jignesh Panchal and the incredible realist suburban-scape paintings of Daina Higgins. Nikos Rutkowski and Dion Johnson are represented with new, vibrant paintings. We invite the viewer to savor the last burst of abstracted colors, the extra long evening vistas and the vivid sightlines that propel us into the autumnal equinox.

Erika b Hess (born 1982, lives and works in Gahanna, Ohio) Hess is known for her distinctive use and interest in color. She creates abstract forms and movements with oil that represents figurative and symbolic viewpoints. Persephone goddess of fertility and the Greek mythology that surrounds her inspires this most recent body of work. This is Hess’ inaugural show as represented by Contemporary Art Matters. Her work has been exhibited nationally in galleries in NYC, Los Angeles and Boston. She is also known for her popular podcast ‘I Like Your Work’.

Daina Higgins (born 1979, lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Originally from Ohio, Higgins began painting and experimented at a young age with stencil and spray paint. She quickly went from graffiti kid to an MFA grad. Throughout the years she has developed an array of works ranging from abstract graffiti to dream like landscapes. Higgins was previously represented by the Rebecca Ibel Gallery and her work has been shown all over the country, with reviews in ArtNews.

Dion Johnson (born 1975, lives and works in Los Angeles, California) Johnson’s keen eye for color intends to evoke the contemporary urban, digital and natural landscape of Southern California and harmonizes the dissonant qualities of our environment. Originally from Ohio, Johnson’s works have been exhibited in Columbus, NYC, Los Angeles and have been reviewed in the New York Times, ArtNews and Artforum.

Jignesh Panchal (born 1981, lives and works in Ahmedabad, India) Panchal grew up surrounded by an intense vernacular linguistically, aesthetically and culturally. On a daily basis he is bombarded with images and objects of everyday life in India, which is now the fabric of his work. In 2020 Panchal created a series titled Remapping where he used urban elements from daily life that turn into mixed media works on paper. In his most recent suite of works Panchel explores the traditions of his surroundings through symbolic groupings represented by the layering of iconic symbols as miniatures.

Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski (born 1979, lives and works in Columbus, Ohio) In this recent series of work, Rutkowski collages paper patterns for clothing as formal elements in his acrylic paintings. His most recent body of work focuses on a triad of themes from the covid-19 influenced still life to science –fiction. What were abstract works have in these turbulent times taken on representational compositions. Cubism still appears in the Punch and Judy play in ‘Comments Section’.

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