Art Advising & Collection Management 

Alongside our gallery, Contemporary Art Matters offers collection management and art advising services. Taking care for our collectors art is critical to its value. If you’re interested in starting a collection or need guidance in your current collection our team can help. A couple questions to ponder; Do you have works stored improperly? Are your works framed with substandard materials or lit incorrectly? If so they are at risk of damage which reduces or destroys the value of your artwork. Have you had your collection appraised or properly stored with records in order? Our team provides the needs, documentation and proper records so they you can enjoy your collection.

An art advisor advises emerging and experienced art collectors on all matters related to the acquisition, sale and management of their art collections. Our experienced art advisors, Rebecca Ibel and Cathy Williard, will provide value by acting as their clients’ advocate. We offer expert art advice to private, corporate, and institutional clients. We locate, negotiate, purchase, frame and professionally install art on our client’s behalf. We offer our clients the best quality work in their price range at every level. At Contemporary Art Matters, we work with our clients to establish, develop and maintain an art collection that suits each client’s individual needs.

If you have questions or are interested in our services please email us at [email protected].