Artist Talks


Throughout the exhibition, we have recorded Rebecca Ibel in conversation with multiple artists featured in the show. Follow the links to watch the videos directly on Youtube.

Pamela Fraser Artist Talk

Pamela Fraser takes an intellectual approach to color and form. Her small-scale ceramic works explore kiln-fired traditions and glazing techniques to achieve the bright colors and patterns.

Pamela Fraser is best known for her botanical paintings and ceramics. This New England based artist explores color and design as a means to engage painting. The ceramics with their rich colors and geometric forms relate to her early abstract paintings. In all work we see the sumptuous appreciation of the natural world clearly organized and interpreted by the artist.

Originally from Tennessee, Fraser lives and works in Vermont. Her work has been widely exhibited with solo shows at the Blaffer Museum at The University of Houston, and gallery shows in Chicago, New York and Cologne. Her publications include: as writer of How Color Works: Color Theory in the 21st Century (Oxford, 2019) and as co-editor of Beyond Critique: Contemporary Art in Practice, Theory, and Instruction (Bloomsbury, 2017).

Almond Fraser Artist talk

Almond Zigmund takes a modernist approach to classic sculptural forms, creating bold geometric shapes that outline traditional poses. Zigmund strives to blend the intellect with a bright palette and bold designs, as her philosophy is that art should energize, not just work on a conceptual level.

Originally from Brooklyn, Zigmund received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design, and studied both in New York and Paris, France. She earned her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she studied art theory and criticism with Dave Hickey. This formative time, outside the New York art world, with the maverick, Macarthur award winning critic Hickey, encouraged her to push her boundaries, follow her own path and make smart, cool art.

Zigmund’s work has been exhibited internationally with shows in New York, Los Angeles, Zurich, Las Vegas and Columbus. Her work has been selected for shows by leading and emerging curators including: Dave Hickey, Robert Storr, David Pagel, Heather Harmon, Jessica Frost, Aaron Baker, Steven Criqui, among others.

Jonathan Hammer Artist Talk

Jonathan Hammer is included with 2 new works in ceramic. These large multi-pieced assemblages continue to explore the abstract vocabulary of shapes seen in his leather panels and works on paper. The artist draws inspiration from a variety of sources from Japanese fables to modern science. The resulting forms are a look inside to our own organic nature. These hand made ceramics may appear like treasures from the sea, like some form of underwater species. Their vitality and their elegance remind us of the beauty and fragility of our environment and perhaps even into our biological makeup.

Hammer is as known for his revisionist Dada theories as he is for his brilliant, epic creations heavy with symbolism. Using a vocabulary of clowns, old toys and antiquated landscapes, Hammer’s work embodies the duality of themes including victim and victimizer, power and powerlessness, innocence and malevolence.

Originally from Chicago, Hammer lived in California after receiving a degree in bookbinding from the London College of Bookbinding. His work has been shown in galleries and museums in New York, California and throughout Europe and is in major private and public collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Berkeley Museum of Art and New York Public Library. In 2002, Hammer published a new, illustrated translation of Hugo Ball’s visionary novella Tenderenda the Fantastalong with his own critical writing on Dadaism in Ball and Hammer (Yale University Press). Hammer currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.