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Untitled (Classic Pose figure with urn), 2020 Acrylic on wood, from an edition of 3

Contemporary Art Matters is pleased to present Sculpture I, a group exhibition featuring Bianca Beck, Gerhard Demetz, Curtis Fairman, Brendan Fernandes, Pamela Fraser, Jonathan Hammer, Allison Janae Hamilton, Kurt Lightner, Bruce Robinson and Almond Zigmund, open February 18th – April 15, 2021. We’ve spent the last year collecting works by ten international contemporary sculptors who work in different traditions using a myriad of materials including wood, ceramic, assemblage, papier-mâché and found plastics. Sculpture I allows us to look at sculpture in a broad sense, examining idea threads of what you see in contemporary art today.

Almond Zigmund takes a modernist approach to classic sculptural forms, creating bold geometric shapes that outline traditional poses.  Zigmund strives to blend the intellect with a bright palette and bold designs, as her philosophy is that art should energize, not just work on a conceptual level.

Originally from Brooklyn, Zigmund received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design, and studied both in New York and Paris, France. She earned her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she studied art theory and criticism with Dave Hickey. This formative time, outside the New York art world, with the maverick, Macarthur award winning critic Hickey, encouraged her to push her boundaries, follow her own path and make smart, cool art.

Zigmund’s work has been exhibited internationally with shows in New York, Los Angeles, Zurich, Las Vegas and Columbus. Her work has been selected for shows by leading and emerging curators including: Dave Hickey, Robert Storr, David Pagel, Heather Harmon, Jessica Frost, Aaron Baker, Steven Criqui, among others.