Drawings and Paintings

Lynton Wells

January 7th – February 11th, 2021

Study is a drawing that at first sight might fool the eye. Interestingly, it is the soft qualities of Lynton Wells’ use of pencil that subtly tricks the viewer into believing the surface is hard or even reflective, and the material appears industrial and heavy. Wells’ thick use of line throughout the image creates a sense of dimension. The fluidity of the line creates a utopian space where the landscape becomes fanciful. The spheres of light that make up the image appear as if they are frozen pockets of time, where the sunlight moves and glides through the landscape. Wells uses repeated shapes that imply the leaves of the tree and the sky. This not only brings the viewer into a trance-like state, but allows one to read between the lines and focus on the repetitive, fluid energy of the work. The tree appears to be plugged into an outlet. Wells provokes the effects of industrialization or possibly a turn against environmentalism. In this understanding, the shadows become enhanced and the fantastical imagery becomes somewhat of a dystopia, or possibly a hint of what could be if we are not careful.

This  second 2015 Study is a drawing that blurs the lines between foreground and background. Within this dream-like landscape distance is proven by size. The drawing feels as though it could shift in imagery as the smooth, organic lines flow throughout the image.  Study allows room for interpretation: at first glance within the tree it looks as if a thousand tiny eyes are staring back at you, but after looking at other works one can assume the eyes glaring at the viewer are most likely floating blooms.

Contemporary Art Matters: Heather Jones at the Weston Art Gallery

Heather Jones | A Sense of Place

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