William Kortlander

William Kortlander’s work addressed both the urban and the rural experiences. In these landscape paintings, the artist turns his attention to his surrounding Ohio hills and valleys. The legacy of color-field painting can be found in these compelling views. The changing landscape around the state with the development and growth over the past 40 years brings a new appreciation for the serenity of these pastoral settings.

William Kortlander (1925 – 2014) was an American artist and educator. Originally from Michigan, Kortlander was based in Athens, Ohio where he was a professor at Ohio University for more than 30 years. He achieved success with exhibitions in New York and was awarded the Mead Painting of the Year in the 1965 Art Across America Exhibition. Kortlander’s solo shows garnered favorable reviews by prominent New York critics Hilton Kramer and John Canaday.

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