Pamela Fraser

Pamela Fraser is introduced to the gallery with a new group of botanical paintings and ceramics. This New England based artist explores color and design as a means to engage painting. She approaches her practice on a wholistic level that combines observation, tactility and intellect. Her paintings recall the luscious watercolors of Charles Burchfield and the designs of Josef Frank and William Morris wallpaper with a 21st century sensibility. The ceramics with their rich colors and geometric forms relate to her early abstract paintings. In all work we see the sumptuous appreciation of the natural world clearly organized and interpreted by the artist. 

Originally from Tennessee, Fraser lives and works in Vermont. Her work has been widely exhibited with solo shows at the Blaffer Museum at The University of Houston, and gallery shows in Chicago, New York and Cologne. Her publications include: as writer of  How Color Works: Color Theory in the 21st Century (Oxford, 2019) and as co-editor of Beyond Critique: Contemporary Art in Practice, Theory, and Instruction (Bloomsbury, 2017).

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